Stowford Centre
Covid 19 Information

The Stowford Centre is now open for business after the Government has eased the Lockdown regulations. As directors of the Stowford Community Centre, we are keen to see people using this excellent facility again; however, there are certain questions that have been asked regarding using the community space and the risks involved.

We understand that some restrictions apply and although we welcome you all back with open arms however you, as hirers, need to mitigate the risks for your classes or lectures. So please follow the following steps:

Keep a register of attendees

Make sure that foot covering is worn.

Hand sanitiser is provided by the entrance so please feel free to use this.

Each hall is 10m Sq with 20x10 for the full hall so please make sure you use the Government guidelines on the number of people you can have in one session.

We will make sure the centre is clean and items like door handles or door push panels will be sterilised before each new class. If possible, and if classes do not overlap, we will let you use the whole hall without further charge to allow you to spread out and give more distance between your clients.

The main entrance is for Entry only so please use the fire exits to leave the centre, making sure the doors are secure behind you.

Although though the Lockdown the hall has been closed for hirers, the centre has been open and used by Sid Valley Radio throughout the lockdown and as such the water has been run daily, along with the toilet facilities. The centre has also been used by the NHS for blood donations every month so it has been used. We are also getting the water heaters and supply checked in the next few days to confirm everything is as clean as expected. Also, the centre has been regularly cleaned as part of the normal services and deep cleaned after the NHS blood donation team has visited.

Please feel free to email the centre directly if you have more questions or concerns.